GLOVER ROAD RECONSTRUCTION (STH 35 - CTH U) - An informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 21st at 6:00 PM to discuss the reconstruction of Glover Rd. frm STH 35 to CTY U.  A quorum of Town Board members may be present.  No action will be taken.  Further updates on the project will be posted under Road Maintenance/Repair to the left.


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Dog Licensing

Please note that dog license applications will not be mailed with the 2016 Tax Statements as they have been in years past.  It is your responsibility as the dog owner to license your pet.  Applications are available on the website and at the Town Hall.  Copies of the current rabies vaccination certificate along with licensing fees are due with the application by January 31st, 2017.  Applications can be mailed to Town of Troy, 654 Glover Road, Hudson, WI  54016.  Late fees will be applied if the application is received after April 1st, 2017.  Fees are $20 per unaltered dog and $10 for altered.  If you have any questions, please contact the Town Hall office at 715-425-2665. 

Dog License Application

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Lot or parcels under 5 acres in size may have no more than 3 dogs over 6 months of age as household pets.  Lots or parcels that are 5 acres to 20 acres in size may have no more than 5 dogs over 6 months of age as household pets.  Lots and parcels greater than 20 acres in size may have no more than 7 dogs over 6 months of age as household pets.  Greater dog populations, and dog populations that are not household pets, are regulated as Commercial Kennels. (effective October 2014)










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for our records, one for you)

Burning permits are required for controlled burns, including recreational fire. There is an annual permit and is available at the Recycling Center or the town Government Center. There is no charge for the permit but it must be signed by a town employee in order to be valid. If the fire department responds to a report of fire on your property and you have not followed the rules spelled out on the burning permit you will be billed for the call. Currently, the charge for a fire rescue/call is $800.00